Monday, April 6, 2009

This isn't Kansas anymore Toto!

If you think that the ways of PNG are the same as traveling just about anywhere else, you will soon find out that this assumption is false.

Papua New Guinea is unlike any other third world country I have ever been to.

Granted, the only other 3rd world country that I have been to is Mauritania, but I can say with great confidence that Mauritania has a leg up on PNG. At least in my opinion.

That said, I must clarify that this statement is not meant to sound contrary or negative. In fact, I say this with great delight! Papua New Guinea is a wonderful place. For the most part the people are warm and caring.

Travel is slower, the pace creeps along. Days are long due to the location in conjunction to the equator. The growing season is 365 days. While the blossoms are starting to appear ripened fruit is available to harvest....all on the same plant!

For those wanting to return to the simpler way of life, PNG is for you!

I am looking forward to three weeks of navigating a different flow of life.

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