Monday, June 1, 2009

May 24

I woke up for the first time at 2:30 am. No wind. Just heat.

A loud tapping noise was keeping me awake. It was like a woodpecker with no rhythm.

The slidewhistle bird was doing his thing. It sure is noisy in the jungle.

No electricity so it wouldn't do any good to sleep in the livingroom with Jordan and Stephen.

Finally dawn appears and we realize that we have a fun day ahead of us.

Karen Quinn was one of the Luedkte boy's teachings in elementary school. She never really left PNG. Todd connected with her about renting her boat for a fun day at sea and a trip to Salamoa.

We left the house quickly: no use in dawdling as we still had not regained our electricity.

Karen and her crew met us at the Lae Yacht Club. Again, not knowing what to expect, we were all excited to see how big the boat was: two bathrooms, an air conditioned main deck, water, music, and food.

Our first excitement came when a pod of dolphins joined our bow and swam along with us. I had been suffering from a bout of nausea but when the dolphins appeared the nausea went away. Shaman's of the sea?

We dropped anchor near the shore for a two hour snorkeling venture. We all slathered sun screen on our backs and faces. It would end up being futile as we all returned with beet red skin and a lot of amazing sights in our minds eye.

The island itself was like something from a movie. We were taken ashore by a small boat with a promise to return to pick us up in an hour or so.

The ride home was breathtaking. The sunset indescribable.

The day ended with dinner at the Lae Yacht Club - courtesy of Jacob Luke. Tired, hot and full, we all headed home for our last night in the country.

We prayed all the way that the electricity would be on: once again...answered prayer.

Showers were had by all. Tomorrow we leave for home. All that is, except me.

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