Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Gona Be a Long Day

What one wears on a long day of travel is very important. Things to consider: comfort, spillage, bathroom breaks in a small airplane potty, temperature.

Part of the problem is we are starting out in a typical rainy Pacific Northwest day and arriving in Brisbane's(according to the internet) 80 degree, partly cloudy weather.

This year I will not spend one day in May 5th. We fly right over it.

When our flight leaves LA at 11:20 pm on May 4th we won't land in Brisbane until 6 am on May 6th. Thirteen hours in the airplane is a long time. 6 hours is a long time.

I covet your prayers and hope to share at least some of this journey with you. You'll be sleeping in your bed tonight: I'll be somewhere over the Pacific.

Lukim yu bihain!

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